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How to Change Combination Locks

Over the years, combination padlocks have risen into the limelight because they offer more secured protection for everything ranging from your luggage to storage buildings and so forth. Incredibly, combination locks come in a wide range of styles and sizes because they do not involve the use of a key, thus providing you with a hassle-free mind.

Depending on the level of security you are trying to achieve, you must select a combination lock that perfectly suits your requirements.

When using a combination locks, you need to remember the combination or store in a safe and secure place. If the locks come with a preset code, you can make an acronym or code to help you remember it faster. If it allows you to reset and input your own combination, you need to select a combination that is somehow significant to you. This will make the combination much easier to remember.

If you are unsure of the possible ways to retrieve or reset the combination of your locks, here are a few tips:

Check the Serial Number

If the combo lock comes with a serial number on it, it’s an indication that you can recover the combination directly from the manufacturer. You can begin the process through their website. This usually involves sending a notarized lost combination form to the manufacturers. They’ll take it further to help you retrieve the lost code and send it back to you. This process usually takes up to four to six weeks.

Put the Padlock in the Open Position

If the padlock doesn’t come with a serial number, chances are that it can still meet the reset option. Instead of coming with a preset code, these types of locks are configured to allow potential owners to set their preferred codes. In order to reset the combination padlock, you need to keep the lock in the open position.

Locate the Reset Tool

Often times, most manufacturers include a reset tool with their resettable locks. These tools will manually turn the wheels in the lock to a new combination.

Insert the Reset Tool

After locating the reset tool, insert it into the hole present at the side of the lock. Push in the reset tool and turn 90 degrees in either direction. You can then proceed further by arranging the wheels to your most preferred choice of codes.

Remove the Reset Tool

Once you are done, turn and remove the reset tool from the locks. Your new code is set.

If you’re still facing difficulties changing your combination locks, it’s best to call for professional help. Call our reliable locksmiths today for instant service in your area!

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