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How Does a Keyless Entry Work

The car industry is experiencing constant transformation, especially when it comes to security. Manufacturers are putting in place tight security measures to reduce the level of car thievery, which has been rampant over the past decades. To improve safety, car manufacturers are adopting keyless entry systems into creating cars. Look here for more about Kansas City, MO.

There are a variety of keyless entry systems, but all unlock the vehicle in the same way. A keyless entry is achieved when a car has a control module paired to a remote transmitter. The remote sends a radio frequency signal to the car's receiver, and it automatically unlocks. This happens when the remote is some feet closer to the vehicle. Click here to read about Signs for car key replacement.

Replacing a Lost Remote

However lovely and more secure keyless entry might be, when you lose the remote, there is no way you could access and unlock your car. You will have to sort for a replacement of the remote. You could either go the auto locksmith way which is effective since they are mobile and you will not need to pay for towing fees or the car dealership one. In both ways, you will buy a new remote that will get programmed to pair with your car's receiver. However, the best thing to do is to get the whole system reprogrammed so that the lost key becomes obsolete.

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