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How Do Automatic Car Door Locks Work?

Automatic electronic door locks severely impact the performance of the security and protection of our households and vehicles. There are various problems that have been covered due to the introduction of these efficient devices, like the danger of losing the keys which when not in possession can be replicated by an intruder with bad intentions. The operation of these electronic locks is a complicated process but a user should understand its mechanism in order to be at a better edge when it comes to the security of any valuables.

Below mentioned are the operations in a car which should be taken into consideration while operating its locks:

  1. Firstly, it is important to know the various elements of any car door lock like a latch or a door lock, an actuator and actuator rods which are radio operative. These features come into function when it receives a radio signal transmitted by the car key fob, giving a signal to the actuator to activate the operations in order to carry out the desired action.

  2. On the interior of the car door, there is a mechanism present called the door lock actuator which controls all the locking functions. It is placed right below the key latch. There is a thin metal rod which connects both of them for functioning.

  3. Operation of the actuator is a simple process to understand. When in operation, it slightly pushes the door locking latch either up or down to open or close the lock. During the “unlocked position”, the door handle connects to the opening mechanism enabling it to open and close at its will. But during the “locked position”, they both get disconnected disabling the individual to open the door without a working key.

  4. There are also features which are computer-controlled, the ones which make use of radio signals to wake up the locking and unlocking mode. The system operates on a module which reads the programming that applies a proper system command. This not only controls the locking functions but also the auto security feature which protects the car from intruders. The other features included in this function is the automatic opening of the trunk, stopping ignition, window operations and also remote controlling the car.  

  5. In some car functioning’s, the body controller acts like the car’s computer which is in charge of the vehicle electrical functions. They receive the signals from digital codes, radio frequencies or radio transmitters in order to read to locking or unlocking commands.

  6. In case of any malfunction, it is prudent to check the electronic sensors or the magnets as the defect in them are the main reasons when the door ceases to open.

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