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Homeowners Using Keypad Locks for Security

Digital Keyless Entry Systems

Many homeowners don’t think they should invest in keypad door locks for their homes. There are a few factors to consider when deciding whether or not this type of upgrade is beneficial to your needs. Homes with a lot of traffic should definitely consider a keyless system. Maids, butlers, or nannies all need to have access to the security features of your home. It is economical to invest in a keyless system to prevent yourself from replacing old keys. Plus, you can easily reset your passcode when you hire a different employee. The pros definitely outweigh the cons in such situations. Learn more facts here.

Master Code Problems

Some systems have manufacturer master codes that can automatically open any keyless entry lock. If a burglar gains access to one of these master codes, they can easily break into your home or business. Not all brand names have master codes. You should check with your locksmith about the features of the systems they offer. Read about Safety of Keypad Door Locks here.

Long Term Investment

The initial investment for these systems can be expensive. However, in the long run the system will pay for itself, as you will save more money. Check with your local locksmith.

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