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Exceptional Destinations in Sugar Creek, Missouri

Sugar Creek, Missouri is a community in south-central Missouri with a beautiful lake and hills environment. Sugar Creek is located about an hour east of St Louis, three miles from Rolla, and approximately two hours south of Columbia, Missouri. The community has developed into a small town over the years with many well-established businesses operating in the area. Sugar Creek was established around a century ago as a small market town and has grown to be a popular place to live for many people. There are many different Destinations to visit while in Sugar Creek. Clicking here will deliver more on Kansas City, MO.

Sugar Creek, Missouri is strategically located between two large cities, Kansas City and Kansas. The population density is high, with a little over seven hundred people per square mile. The latest census count put 2,784 active residents within the community. In 2020, Sugar Creek had a total population of 2,949 (down just under one thousand). In the 2020 election, turnout was low, but still well above the national average. Sugar Creek, Missouri is known as a popular destination for kitting out and recording studios as well as radio stations. But Sugar Creek has more to offer than just kitting out and recording studios. The residents of this charming southern Kansas town enjoy many fun things to do in the outdoors and are famous for their down-home BBQ and tasty local restaurants. Information about South Kansas City, Kansas - The Rise of Opportunity can be found here.

When comparing places in the greater region, the numbers don't look good for Sugar Creek, Missouri. However, when comparing against places like Kansas City, Kansas, the numbers show a much stronger lead for Sugar Creek. Missouri does have some wonderful places to live in. Though it seems that the economy isn't doing well in the rest of the state, Kansas City and Springfield have maintained their high standards for living, and our two great cities to consider if you're looking for excellent living in the Missouri area.

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