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Bruce R Watkins Cultural Center in Kansas City, MO - Things You Don't Know

The Bruce R Watkins Cultural Center in Kansas City, Missouri was built with the assistance of many people including many who contributed towards its construction, including the family of the late Bruce R Watkins, with the help of their children. There are many important events taking place in the center such as the famous Bruce R.Watkins Jazz Celebration, which features the best jazz performances from around the world. There are also numerous other concerts and events that take place on a daily basis and these will be listed below for the convenience of visitors: More about Kansas City, MO can be seen here.

The Bruce R.Watkins Cultural Center in Kansas City Missouri, has an interesting history. In his early years as a young man, Bruce R Watkins lived and grew up in the Mississippi Delta in the Deep South. He was the youngest of six children born in 1887 in Helena, Arkansas, and he remembers a life that involved the struggles and hardship that many families suffered through during those difficult years. In addition to the hardships that Bruce had faced growing up, he had also spent many years away from home. After graduating from High School, Bruce returned to Missouri and attended college but did not graduate until he was twenty years old. During this time he met and married the love of his life, Julia Ann Riggs. Click here to read about Have A Visit at The Famous Berkley Riverfront In Kansas City, Missouri.

Bruce R Watkins passed away in 1997 from complications of AIDS. Julia Ann passed away in 2020 after a long battle with Alzheimer's disease. Bruce's mother and father both served time in prison in the 1930s, so Bruce had been through a lot of difficult experiences. Although Bruce was a great listener, he was not particularly social in the social circles that he had once enjoyed. He was one of many who were involved in the civil rights movement, however, and was involved in helping to start many community projects, including the Bruce R Watkins Cultural Center in Kansas City Missouri. Today he is in a comfortable position financially to continue to support his work. His son, his daughter, and other members of his family are now involved with his work as well.

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