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All About The Arabia Steamboat Museum in Kansas City

The Arabia Steamboat Museum is located in Kansas City, Missouri, near what is now Kansas City, Kansas. Arabia was a side-wheeler steamboat that sank in the Missouri River in what is now Kansas City, Kansas on September 5, eighteen months ago. A team of boaters who had made their way to a local river to fish pulled up on the scene to find out what happened. They could not believe that a side-wheeler had sunk in such a shallow river, as it was designed for use in the Mississippi Delta and other deep rivers where a full-sized vessel would be able to pass underneath. The crew thought that perhaps the water levels had risen or that the vessel had struck a tree branch. When they realized that the craft was gone, they immediately organized a search for the missing craft and were rewarded with an amazing amount of information. Learn information about Kansas City, MO here.

The Arabia Steamboat Museum has a great deal of historical data relating to the vessel's sinking and its eventual rediscovery. Because the crew of Arabia didn't know where to look, the team that recovered the wreck of the ship had to travel to several different places. They also had to deal with some locals who were more than willing to take a little of their money by telling them where to find the lost ship. After looking around for several months, they finally found the wreck of the ship in what is now known as "Old Town" in Kansas City. They were able to recover many artifacts including the engine parts, paddle wheel, steering mechanism, and much more, all of which were then placed in a display case at the museum. They have been working on the Arabia Steamboat Museum for nearly thirty years, so many artifacts from the original ship have survived and will be on display in the museum for years to come. You can even go inside and check out some of the preserved artifacts for yourself! Discover facts about Agnes Park in Kansas City, Missouri - Fun and Entertainment For Everyone.

If you're planning a trip to Kansas City to check out the Arabia Steamboat Museum, the museum is actually one of the best places to go when you're traveling to the area. Not only does it give you a tour of the site, but the staff can help make sure that you have a good time while you're there, whether you're just visiting or if you're actually planning a vacation. For those who want to experience the steamer, the museum offers a day pass for you to ride on the boat. or even rent a steamboat for the day.

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