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Advanced Technology of Keypad Door Locks

Unique Models Available to Try

Keypad door lock designs and features have come a long way in the past decade. More keypad door locks are offering touch screen models. Touch screen keypad systems are handy for a number of different reasons. They are easier to keep clean, and they are easy to use. One con associated with a touch screen model is their durability. Touch screens can be very sensitive. They can also experience mechanical failure. Fingerprint access via touch screens are widely used in commercial businesses. However, more people are opting for these systems for their homes. Fingerprint access keypad door locks are perfect for safe rooms or panic rooms. More can be found here.

Avoiding Conventional Keyholes

With keypad systems, you won’t have a keyhole in your door. Keyholes can easily be manipulated using bump keys or skeleton keys. Locking picking devices are a threat to exposed keyholes. Most keypads resemble an ATM, with a numerical passcode required. Not all models follow this design, as there are multiple options. See here for information about Saving Money on Keypad Door Locks.

Faster Access

Instead of fiddling for your keys, you can have instant access to your home with a keypad system. Say goodbye to standing in the rain or snow.

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