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5 Tips To Finding A St Louis Locksmith You Can Trust

Whenever we are caught in an emergency situation like being locked outside the house without keys, we do not have time to look around for the best locksmith to make a duplicate key for us. So we recommend you to prepare a list of all the contractors like plumbers, locksmiths, electricians, etc. well in advance before the actual emergency to avoid any last minute scam.

The best time to decide with the entire home management team is right after you have signed the buying papers for your new home and ready to shift.

In this article, we will be highlighting the top 5 tips that can help you in finding the right locksmith in St Louis.

1. Timing

Buying a home or building one is once in a lifetime achievement for some people. Every home is a castle for its owners. With every home, there are millions of dreams that are built in. Therefore, it is of utmost necessity to protect your home. The best time to look for a locksmith is immediately after you are done with buying your house and when you are also searching for other contractors of your home management team. You can also go with smart lock solutions that enable you to track everyone who enter your home.

2. Verify Their Business

One of the most important tasks is to verify the reliability of the locksmiths' business locally. Try to locate their workplace on Google Maps. Read various reviews posted by past customers to verify authenticity. You can also try calling them at odd hours to ensure their phone coverage after working hours too.

3. Ask Them for Identification

Whenever you call a locksmith, do not forget to check their identification. To check their identification, you can ask for their Master Security License Number that is possessed by all licensed locksmiths. You can see this number displayed on their vehicle or their identity card. Many locksmiths might argue that they are licensed but do not carry their id cards. We suggest you kindly go back and look for licensed locksmith only to avoid any scam.

4. Get a Written Statement

You need to ask your locksmith to give you a written estimated cost statement after they have physically reviewed the work to be done. The estimates should include the cost of the tools and the hardware required and the service charges levied. Make sure that you agree on the said cost to avoid any arguments at the end of the work.

5. Pay via Credit Card

Every business accepts online and card payments in today's era because it is the safest and the most trusted mechanism of making payments. This also helps in protecting you against any possible frauds. And with today's world of smartphones there are a number of payment methods available like Apple Pay, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, PayPal, etc.

Now that you know the essential tips to find a trusted St Louis locksmith, go ahead make your home more secure!

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