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5 Home Security Tips You Never Thought Of

Your home is your biggest asset. Your home is the place that you adore the most with a whole lot of your fond memories of relaxing days and cherished evenings. So securing it against any burglary is a crucial task.

In this article, we will be giving you some tips that can help you protect your valuables and belongings safe inside and avoid any kind of theft incidences.

1. Don’t provide places for thieves to hide.

Make sure to get trimmed all the large trees and bushes surrounding your house that may act as a shelter for someone to hide or help them in providing unauthorized access to your house through windows. Also, trim all the shrubs that are big enough to cover any window.

See the lighting around your house. Don't leave extreme dark corners around your house or property that can provide the thieves a place to hide and access to your home through the darkness. You can get sensor operated lights, or motion detection spotlights that are best for this purpose.

2. Don’t let thieves know you are not at home.

Whenever you are planning to go on a vacation, always remember to never announce it beforehand. We live in a world where people like sharing the news with each other, and this could serve as ready made information for burglars to make a plan to rob your place. Do not tweet or post updates about your trip frequently. Save all your pictures and excitement to share them after you return back home. Also, you should have a friend or a neighbor who can pick up the daily newspapers and magazines or any posts pending on your door or in your letterbox. Otherwise, this can let thieves know that you are not at home. Whenever you are out even if it is just for one night, do not forget to leave some lights switched on.

3. Install a home alarm system.

We do not say that installing an alarm will keep the burglarsaway, but it will surely prevent them from entering your house and bring the police quickly to the rescue. But make sure that you do not forget to engage the alarm for your home security system. Installing a home security system with the alarm can also be an added advantage as there are many insurance companies that lower your premium amount for having the system installed.

4. Take precautions to protect the windows.

Most burglary cases reported have thieves enter the house through windows only. So it is of utmost importance to protect your windows. Whenever purchasing new windows, you need to make sure that you upgrade to and buy shatterproof glass. The shatterproof glass windows cannot be broken by the thieves, thereby denying them access to your house. If installing new windows are not in your budget, then you can opt for adding a security film to windows.

5. Change the lock as required.

If you have purchased a house recently, then the first task in your to-do list must be to meet a trusted locksmith in St Louis and get all the locks changed. The previous owner might give you the keys, but you never know how many duplicates are out there.

Keeping your family and belongings safe isn’t a task involving great efforts and money. Adhere to the mentioned tips and keep yourself safe!

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