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4 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Residential Locks Rekeyed

Rekeying your house or workplace should not only cross a property owner's mind when the thieves have knocked on your doors and caused significant damage. This condition should be kept in mind from time to time and as a responsible homeowner, each individual must ensure that the keys are changed from time to time. This will ensure that your house or workspace is always safe and secure. Rekeying also offers a wide range of advantages. In such cases, it becomes absolutely essential that you contact a professional to rekey your place.

Rekeying your locks would indicate that you are adjusting the mechanism of the lock-in such a way that the old key will not be able to open it anymore and a new key will be essential to unlock it. There are certain circumstances where rekeying your locks would be an improved, smarter and more cost-effective option, for instance, you can rekey your locks in such a way that the same key unlocks it, if all your locks are of the same brand, or if they all have the same kind of keyhole.

Rekeying your locks is a cost-effective way of making sure that you and your family are the only people with keys to your new house as one can never be too sure if more copies of those keys have been attained by someone else

Next time you think of rekeying look at the following points of considerations:

Rekeying of locks will prevent criminals to have access again. Criminal activities like burglary or destruction of property can be easily avoided by rekeying. It’s always best to connect with a professional locksmith to change the locks. By changing your locks, you can have a peace of mind that your property is secure and safe.

As a homeowner, it is best to change the locks due to eviction. In most cases, evicted tenants use their keys to reside in their apartments as long as possible while they search for other housing accommodations. It is recommended to hire a professional locksmith who specializes in this field so that you won’t have to worry about tenants overstaying their welcome, or other house-guests showing up unannounced. This way you can rest easy knowing that the apartment is vacant for the new tenant.

It is a fact that door keys and locks never last forever. Over time, they wear out or collect rust, making it difficult to use or even completely unable to open its chosen lock. A recommended solution would be to simply replace the key, but if the condition of the key has been compromised by the passage of time, it is possible that the lock has suffered from erosion. To ensure perfect accessibility for those with keys, and security against those without, we recommend having the locks rekeyed once every five years.

Previous tenants might possess or might have distributed their lock to other people. When it comes to a house that was previously owned by someone, it is always a good idea to change or rekey your old locks. Contrary to what you might believe most of the break-ins occur through the front door, make sure you replace all your locks that shall include the backdoor, garage doors, front doors, and patio doors. While you’re at it, you can also deliberate upon upgrading your traditional lock system to a more modern and competent alternative. 

Are you unable to decide whether to change your locks or rekey them? Do you not feel safe in your own home? Never fear, Cheetah Locksmith are here for you! We are your friendly neighborhood locksmiths. We can unlock the solutions to all your problems. For any queries, visit our website and hire one of our experts today to help you out with all things lock and key!

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