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4 Cost-Effective Ways to Strengthen Your Front Door and Improve Security

Generally, when people move into a new home, they consider completely replacing the existing door with a new one in order to attain a sense of security. While this is true in most of the cases, it is also important to know that you can keep your existing door and instead strengthen it with some security accessories. By resorting to these means you could save a lot of money that might have gone in vain if a new door had to be installed.

Getting a new door installed it is ultimately your choice but if you are concerned about the durability of the door, it can easily be addressed with some efficient security accessories. There exists a lack of knowledge when it comes to strengthening your door to improve security levels. The goal is to deter intruders from accessing your property using security features.

Keep reading to discover four ways that can be applied to strengthen your existing weak door. These security devices can eliminate your need for a new door and prove to be extremely cost-friendly as well. Even if you don’t get a new door, without these additional security measures they are unreliable and need the requisite safety accessories:

By installing a lock guard, your door is easily reinforced around the lock area. Now it becomes difficult for an intruder to kick open your door when the mortice is well protected. A simple step as such can improve the level of safety of your house. 

A modern feature that has been adapted to improve the fortitude and stability of the front door. It refers to a security bar alongside the front door that goes up to the height of the door. It rests on the hinge side of the door thereby strengthening it. 

Hinges are an essential part of the door and practically are its very backbone. Under such circumstances, it would be wise to use hinge bolts that can make sure the hinges are fitted in place. These are attached to the hinges and prevent the door from being lifted off its hinges. If you have an outward opening door, this is a necessary step you need to undergo. 

Another effective security step to improve the quality and durability of your door is investing in a London bar. It is a metal bar that goes up to the height of the door on the side of the lock providing a protective layer over the door frame. This way there is a strong door frame enforcement that can keep the intruders at bay.

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