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Kansas City Zoo: Entertainment for Everyone

The Kansas City Zoo in Kansas City MO is a great place to go for all sorts of reasons. It has been around since 1882, so it has plenty of history. There are many different types of animals that you can see at the zoo, including lions, tigers, giraffes and more! The Kansas City Zoo is one of the most popular attractions in Kansas City MO with over 1 million visitors annually. Kansas City zoo houses over 1100 animals and more than 200 species from around the world including polar bears, giraffes, gorillas and many reptiles such as snakes along with monkeys. Learn more here.

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There's also a water park there to cool off on hot days called Sea Lion Cove which includes sea lions; penguins; otters; stingrays; sharks and turtles all under one roof! The Kansas City zoo offers education programs like Little Explorers where kids get up close with some furry friends at the Pets With A Purpose (PWAP) interactive exhibit. Kansas City Zoo is open daily from April to October, most days of the year except Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day. Kansas City Zoo is open year-round on Fridays. Kansas City zoo has a variety of entertainment options including musicals; special events and educational programs throughout the year for everyone to enjoy. Learn more about Hauntingly Beautiful: Eastwood Park, Kansas City.

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